Thursday, May 8, 2008

What I Mean by Keeping Your Stick on the Ice

Here's an excellent post reminding both sides of the evolution/ID debate on how to keep it clean.

HT to Joel Borofsky


  1. Jborofsky wrote: "I understand that by no longer believing in a designer one’s ego is all one has left, thus one has to wrap one's ego up in the argument one presents."

    Now, while I agree with this, this is provocative. I'm not sure he realizes it.

  2. I personally find it hard to not include a verbal jab or two, even when advocating civility in a discussion (a failure due to the "human condition", IMO).

    True, this statement probably should not have made "the final cut", but I still think he's fairly even-handed in his article and the statement does not overly distract from the post's overall theme (unless you really want it to).