Monday, May 12, 2008

"What Darwin Got Wrong" - A Future Addition to My Library

Paul Nelson at Uncommon Descent recently posted regarding an interview with the co-author of "What Darwin Got Wrong", Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini. What may surprise you is that this book is NOT another ID "negative argument" book, but rather a viewpoint of a growing number of evolutionary researchers who reject the consensus view that natural selection plays a large role in macroevolution (MEvo) while still rejecting ID.

Among the "pro" evolution books I am aiming to get, "What Darwin Got Wrong" may have just moved to the front of the line, although it looks like I'll have to wait until late 2009 to be able to buy it (dangnammit!).

Note: the interviewer, Suzan Mazur, has written several articles on other so-called mavericks in evolution, including the "Altenberg 16". Links to the articles can be found by scrolling down the Sccop link provided and are located in a green panel on the right.

HT: Dr. Nelson @ UD

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