Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Addition To The Blog Roll

It is always flattering to find out you have a following. EE has two followers, one of which I don't ever recall having the pleasure of discussing issues with on EE or elsewhere. (If we have, please refresh my memory).

Checking out Alaninnont's blog, Logically Wondering About Existence, he strikes me as an honest seeker of knowledge. So I will be listing his blog in my Blog Roll for now so EE visitors can check it out too.

Note: I dropped Darwinian Fundamentalism from the Blog Roll due to lack of posting (no posts since end of October).


  1. Thanks. I'm new to this blog business. I've been thinking about the big questions for a long time but I found that writing them down in a blog really clarifies them in my mind. I love your site because it fits into the category of open discussion rather than "My mind's made up and I'm going to try to convince you that my ideas are right."

  2. Since I signed up for it I guess I better start reading your blog again. :-)

  3. Alaninnont,

    You hit the nail on the head. Most sites, e.g., PandasThumb, wikipedia, etc., are steadfast in their belief in evolution.

    JJS provides a refreshing and overdue "not so fast."