Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In Case You Haven't Noticed...

... I have tried to steer my blog, Evolution Engineered (EE), towards more engineering topics. The posts, Redundancy - A Mark of Design? and WTC7 & ID have been, in my opinion, very successful in terms of providing stimulating and entertaining discussions. I hope to continue this trend in future posts, but I also reserve the right to post on stuff that interest me (call it the blogger's home field advantage).

I hope you continue to enjoy visiting and commenting at EE.


  1. Keep steering it. Biology needs more logical discipline. Stop by CT, as I have my best video entry yet.

  2. WW wrote: Biology needs more logical discipline.

    And this blog, like all ID blogs (including yours, ww), needs LOTS more people who actually know something about biology before they feel compelled to comment on it...