Sunday, November 30, 2008

Free Time? What's That?? (Oh, And Don't Forget The 2 New Blogs In The Blogroll)

Techne, a new contributer to Telic Thoughts, has an interesting blog called The Teleomechanist. I say interesting loosely because I've only had a chance to skim through it briefly; I need some free time to give it the attention it deserves.

Anyhoo, The Teleomechanist has been added to my blog roll, and it is getting long! I may have to do a re-organisation of my blogroll closet soon (again, need free time which I do not have much of).

Oh, and I also added the Dilbert blog, too. Can't be an engineering blog without it! ;)

UPDATE 02 December 2008: 2nd attempt of re-organising done. I'm probably going to piss off everyone with this, but keep in mind this is not final, especially with all the distractions going on around the house.


  1. Clean up has commenced.

    Darwinian Fundamentalism has been dropped due to lack of posts.

    Real Physics has been dropped due to lack of interesting posts.

    I have been thinking about dropping I'm From Missouri for a long time, and while I respect Larry's right to post on anything he wishes, Holocaust denial is something I do not wish to be associated with. Therefore, I'm From Missouri has been dropped.

  2. After a good night's sleep, I am thinking a little more clearly with regards to the blog roll. All blogs that have been removed Sundaya will re-appear (in one form or another) soon.

    As for this post from I'm From Missouri that initially got under my skin, I welcome everyone to enter into civil debate with Larry on the subject.