Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Book Order Soon

Now that I've finished reading 3 out of 5 books from my previous book order and am about to start #4, it's time to start considering a new book order. So let's have some fun, eh?

Poll #1:
My book order thus far consists of:
Information Theory, Evolution, and the Origin of Life - Hubert Yockey
Invention by Design: How Engineers Get From Thought to Thing - Henry Petroski
Nature, Design, and Science: The Status of Design in Natural Science - Del Ratzsch

You get to decide what the fourth book in my order will be from the following options.
1. Endless Forms Most Beautiful - Sean Carroll
2. Evolution: A Theory in Crisis - Michael Denton
3. Your Inner Fish - Neil Shubin

I have two books left from my previous book order. Which one should I read next?
1. The Edge of Evolution - Michael J. Behe
2. Punctuated Equilibrium - Stephen Jay Gould

Both polls can be found at the top right of this site. I will order/read the books selected by the final poll results.

Have fun!


  1. Wow. Are you considering running for office? Taking polls before making a decision:)

  2. LOL.

    Just having some fun, WW. Can't always be serious here at the asylum ;)

  3. I had a smiley too...I'd participate, but I have basis to make a recommendation. I could not make it through the edge of evolution, and haven't looked at the others.

  4. WW, so flip a coin. That's what I'll do if no one votes ;)


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